Comparative and superlative forms

Complete the second sentence (b) with a comparative or a superlative form and any other necessary word, so that this sentence is similar in meaning to the first one (a).

1. a) I've never met anyone as funny as Anthony. b) Anthony person I've ever met.
2. a) David and James are both 22. b) David age as James.
3. a) This was the cheapest holiday I could find. b) This was expensive holiday I vould find.
4. a) When we all checked in, no suitcase was heavier than Sarah's. b) When we all checked in, Sarah's suitcase was .
5. a) My old and my new offices have the same size. b) My new tiny as my last one.
6. a) Tokyo is more crowded than Rome. b) Rome isn't Tokyo.
7. a) All my family are more successful than I am. b) I am person in my family.
8. a) Nobody in the club plays tennis better than Juan. b) Juan is tennis player in the club.
9. a) Joanna isn't as pretty as Emilia. b) Emilia is Joanna.
10. a) I We aren't as busy today as yesterday. b) We are busy today, but we were yesterday.