past simple or present perfect?

look at these sentences, and put the verbs into the correct tense: past simple or present perfect.
1. The last time I (go) to Brighton was in August.
2. I'd like to meet a ghost, but I (never / see) one.
3. I (already / finish) my homework. I (do) it before tea.
4. I (work) for a computer company for a year. That was after college.
5. What time (you / get) to work this morning?
6. Martin (be) to Greece five times. He loves the place.
7. The President (come) out of the building and is going to make a speech.
8. You won't believe this, but I've got some tickets for the concert. ~ Oh, well done. How (you / get) them?
9. Of course I can ride a bike. But I (not / ride) one for years.
10. Marilyn Monroe (act) in about thirty films.
11. (you / ever / bake) your own bread? ~ No, but I might try it some time.
12. Janet (be) very ill three years ago.
13. Rupert has left a message for you. He (ring) last night.
14. (you/ see) the news today? ~ No, not yet. I'lI watch it at ten.