Past narratives

Complete the sentences by putting the verbs given into the correct tenses. This is a story, so you have the choice between past simple, past continuous or past perfect
This (happen) about five years ago. I (come) back home from Turkey where I (be) on holiday with some friends who (rent) a bungalow in the mountains not far from Ankara, the capital.

Anyway, we (sit) on the plane and (just / take) off when there (be) a loud bang from the right hand side of the plane and I could see a lot of smoke coming from one of the engines. Of course, everyone (start) looking around but the plane (carry on) flying normally. And then a few minutes later the pilot (come) on to the PA and said there was a problem with one of the engines and we’d have to return to the airport.

I felt pretty nervous, I can tell you, but I (try) to concentrate on my book and about ten minutes later we (land) without any problems. We (have to) wait for about an hour, and then we got back on the plane. Actually it was a different plane, and I was pretty relieved that it was.