Present simple or present continuous? (1)

Put all the verbs between brackets into the correct tense, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. - Is your daughter in, please?
- Yes, but I (think) she’s busy at the moment. She (study).

2. - I (think) of buying a new computer.
- But computers (cost) so much money. What’s wrong with the one we’ve got?
- It (get) out of date now.

3. - Your new trousers (look) nice.
- Thank you. The trouble is they (not / fit) properly. I (not / know) why I bought them, really.

4. - What (you/do) ?
- I (look for) information on the internet: I (need) to know when the concert starts.

5. - I (like) musicals. And this is a great show, isn’t it? (you/enjoy) it?
- Yes, I am. It's magnificent.

6. I would like to go home now. It (get) late

7. 'What (you / drink) ?' 'Beer. Can I get you some?'

8. He (try) very hard to win every game that he (play).

9. Don't talk to me now. I (write) an important letter.

10. Excuse me. I think that you (sit) on my seat.

11. - Could you post the goods to me, please?
- Yes, certainly.
- I (live) at a bed and breakfast at the moment as I (look) for a flat. So could you send it to my work address?
- Yes, of course. And you’ll have the goods by the end of the week. I (promise)

12. "How (your sister / travel) to work every day?" - "She (take) the bus."

13. "What (you / eat) ?" "An apple. It's delicious ! I (love) apples !"

15. "What (Joan / do) ?" "I (think) she's an actress.

16. What (you / drink) ?' 'Beer. Can I get you some?'