Find a suitable pronoun to fill in the sentences

1. People say shouldn't sit in a draught. That's rubbish! 's nothing wrong with fresh air!
2. Teacher: "Who hasn't handed in homework?" - Student:"Me. Sorry. Here is."
3. A. "What a gorgeous dress! Where did you get it?" - B: "Well, actually, I made it myself."
4. A. Why isn't Judy with Peter tonight?" - B. Well, they're not going out with anymore."
5. There seem to be fewer sparrows around than used to be. doesn't see many of them these days.
6. A. "I've just been promoted!" - B. "Well done! You must be really proud of !"
7. A. "Why don't you join te army?" - B. "I don't know. say it's really tough."
8. A. "Who is Grace going round Europe with?" - B. No one. She's going by ."