1C vocabulary: personality

Find a word that fits the gap. If you can't find a suitable word, click on the interrogation mark to get the first letter
1. Don't be so . Think about someone else for a change.
2. His children are really . He never says no to them.
3. Sarah is very . She gets upset and cries really easily.
4. Stop telling me what to do! You're really sometimes.
5. You can always depend on Max, he's very .
6. It was very of you to leave your little sister at home alone.
7. Although we're twins, we're very different. I'm , but Zoe's extrovert.
8. Dan's not very : he prefers to stay at home than to go out with friends.
9. I'd say Rita is rather : she always tries to find the cheapest gift possible when she looks for a present for her friends' or relatives' birthdays.
10. Nick's very hard-working, he's not like his brother George.