Transport (NEF Int. Unit 2C)

Find a suitable word to fill in the sentences

choose from: platform, boarding, belt, land, rush, gate, office, reclaim, station, helmet, speed, carriage, flight, aisle, trip
1. My is at 9.30, but I have to check in by 8.
2. David has gone on a business to Berlin for a few days.
3. We had to wait for ages for our suitcases at bagage .
4. The London train leaves at 8.22 from 3.
5. We couldn't buy tickets at the station because the ticket was closed.
6. There's our train. I think our seats are in number 6.
7. Sorry I'm late. The hour traffic here is terrible!
8. We'll stop at the next petrol and get a cup of coffee.
9. When you travel by car, you have to wear a seat .
10. Flight attendant: "Would you like to sit next to the window or the ?"
11. You're driving too fast: the limit is 80 here, not 90.
12. Flight BA138 is boarding now. All passengers please go to 23.
13. If you're going to town on your scooter, remember to wear your .
14. I'll call you as soon as the plane , so you know I'm OK.
15. When you check in, you receive a card.