1. Where is English spoken?

english speaking countries

2. Discover the United Kingdom

This is an escape game on the History of the United Kingdom. This history is divided in five parts , five missions that you will have to complete thanks to texts, pictures and videos that will help you. Can you save the future?

2.1. Discover Scotland

First, download the questionnaire .

Then start this Prezi presentation. Each bubble is an exercise on your questionnaire. When you are ready, click on the arrow to the right. If you want to come back to the previous slide, click on the arrow on the left.

2.2. England


2.3. Wales

Partie en construction

2.4. Northern Ireland

Partie en construction

3. Ireland

Partie en construction

4. America

Partie en construction

5. Canada

Partie en construction

6. Australia

Partie en construction

7. Discover New Zealand

Download the questionnaire