* Les explications de grammaire et les listes de vocabulaire correspondant aux exercices suivants se trouvent dans les onglets correspondants (par exemple "anglais" puis "vocabulaire" puis "food")

Grammaire Vocabulaire Lecture Audition
quiz 1 animals ex.1   song1: The Levellers
quiz 2 animals ex.2   song 2: Depeche Mode
quiz 3 animals ex.3   " target="_new">"The Judge's house", Bram Stoker
the verb "to be" animals ex.4 Signs (niv.2)  
prepositions ex.1 animals ex.5 Ballooning in the UK (niv.2) Pronunciation exercise 1
prepositions ex.2 animals ex.6 The adventure (niv.2) KET listening test 1 (A2)
present simple vs. contin. ex.1 The body ex.1 Euthanasia (niv.3) PET listening test 1 (B1)
present simple vs. contin. ex.2 The body ex.2 Pupils of seven suicidal ... (niv.3) First Certtificate listening test 1 (B2)
past simple or continuous ex.1 Clothes 1 Surfing (niv.3)  
past simple or continuous ex.2 Clothes 2    
past simple or pres. perfect ex.1 food ex.1    
past simple or pres. perfect ex.2 food ex.2    
Review of the present tenses fruit and vegetables ex.1    
Narrative tenses (past simple, continuous or perfect?) ex.1 fruit and vegetables ex.2    
Narrative tenses ex.2 furniture    
Narrative tenses ex.3 jobs    
Narrative tenses ex.4 Sport ex.1    
Narrative tenses ex.5 Sport ex.2    
Narrative tenses ex.6 Sport ex.3    
the future ex.1 tools    
the future ex.2 Personality    
must, should, have to... ex.1 Family    
must, should, have to... ex.2 Money    
Comparatives and superlatives Transport    
Linking words 1 At school    
Linking words 2 Opposites    
Pronouns Prepositions 1    
Present perfect continuous ex.1 Prepositions 2    
Present perfect continuous ex.2 Holiday    
relative clauses      
the passive